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Books and papers published by the Society can be purchased by post
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A History of Hammersmith Bridge

Charles Hailstone
New edition published November 2020

Going to the Parish
Mortlake and the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin

Leslie Freeman
New edition published June 2018

Albert Betts: Mortlake's Artist

David Deaton
Published November 2014

Highways and Byways of Barnes

Mary Grimwade and Charles Hailstone
New edition published April 2014

John Dee of Mortlake

Nicolas Dakin
Published October 2011

They Lived in Sheen Lane

Mike Smith
Published June 2011

The Story of Cromwell House at Mortlake

Helen Deaton
Published October 2009

Alleyways of Mortlake and East Sheen

Charles Hailstone
New edition published June 2009

Hand in Hand
A brief history of Watney's Brewery in Mortlake

Murray Hedgcock
Published June 2007

Childhood Memories of Barnes Village

Mary Attwell (edited by Nicholas Dakin)

Barnes, a Meander in Time

Mary Grimwade
Published to mark the Society's 50th anniversary

BMHS Papers

Working for Barnes Electricity in the 1930s

Fred Windsor
Published June 2020

Mortlake's College of "All Soles"

Murray Hedgcock
Published June 2020

At Rest in Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen

Merle Harding
Published April 2019

In Memoriam: Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen Service and Civilian Casualties, 1939-45’

Peter Reder
Published June 2019

St Michael's Mission to Westfields

Rhodri Walters
Published June 2018

Crime and Punishment in Mortlake

Helen Deaton
Published November 2017

Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen in World War Two

Compiled by Frank Porter
Published April 2016

The History of Mortlake Schools

Helen Deaton
Published March 2015

Mortlake British Schools

Bernard Sanders
New edition published April 2013

Barnes Poor House

Margaret Butler
New edition published February 2013

Local Life in the reign of Charles II

Margaret Butler
New edition published October 2012

Murder and Mystery in Barnes and Mortlake

Charles Hailstone and Mary Grimwade
New edition published September 2012

The Five-Shilling Cottages

Helen Deaton
Published March 2012

Raymond Gill: A Centenary Tribute

Published February 2012

Shopping in Barnes between the Wars

Mary Grimwade
New edition published July 2011

The Wigan Hall

Fred Mattingley
New edition published June 2011